The Importance of Working With A Divorce Attorney

Sharing Custody Of Your Child? Here Are 4 Tips That Will Help You Co-Parent Effectively

Divorce can take its toll on your emotions. It can be even more difficult on children. If you and your spouse are going to share custody of your children, it's important that their needs come first. You may have bitter feelings towards your ex-spouse but you should put those aside for the sake of your children. Joint custody can work if both parents work together. Here are four tips that will help ease the transition into joint custody.

Put Your Child First

Now that you're divorced, the parental roles are going to change. You will now be totally responsible for your child's well-being during the time they are with you. It's important that you put your child's needs ahead of yours. Your child may be confused about the changes that have taken place. By putting your child's needs above your own, your child will realize that they are still important to both of you.

Encourage Open Communication

You may be divorced, but you and your ex-spouse will still need to communicate. This is particularly true if you want to successfully co-parent your child. You should encourage open communication with the other parent. Both of you should sit down and discuss realistic goals and expectations for your child.

This should also come to an agreement about discipline and behavioral issues. It's also important that you encourage your child to communicate with both of you. If your child feels comfortable communicating with you, they'll be able to express problems they might be having.

Refrain from Trash Talk

If the divorce was particularly bitter, you may still harbor ill-feelings towards the other parent. It's important that you avoid voicing those feelings around your child. Trash talking the other parent can make your child feel uncomfortable about their feelings towards them. To promote a healthy relationship between your child and their other parent, you should try to speak respectfully about your ex-spouse.  

Postpone New Relationships

Now that you're divorced, you might want to start dating again. For the emotional well-being of your child, you should postpone new relationships until they've had enough time to adapt to the changes that have taken place. Once your child has healed from the divorce, you can start looking for a new relationship.

Joint custody is a good way for children to maintain a loving relationship with both parents. If you and your ex are sharing custody of your child, the tips described above will help you co-parent effectively.

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