3 Things You'll Likely Disagree About During a Divorce

If the decision to get divorced was hard enough as it is, you'll find that negotiating the terms of your divorce is going to be just as difficult. That is because there are many big decisions that need to be made during a divorce, which can hopefully be sorted out in mediation. Be prepared to work hard on coming to an agreement on the following three things. Your House If you two own property together, you'll need to figure out what will happen with it after the divorce.

What Should You Ask For In A Divorce?

Getting a divorce is difficult, but you may also feel at an impasse with more than your feelings. For example, you might be unsure what to do legally in the divorce. Do you need a divorce attorney? Do you know what you want to take with you when you move out? And perhaps most importantly, what do you legally get to keep after the divorce? Property division is difficult in a divorce.