The Importance of Working With A Divorce Attorney

Three Scenarios In Which To Consider Divorcing A Prison-Bound Spouse

One of the many reasons that couples get divorced is because one of them is going to prison. While there are certainly lots of people who decide to wait faithfully for their significant other to be released, not everyone feels as though this is a decision that is worth making. If your spouse has recently been sentenced to prison and you're trying to evaluate how you can best proceed with your life, you may wish to consider that divorce could be an option. Speaking to an experienced divorce lawyer can help you to better understand how to proceed. Here are three scenarios in which you may wish to consider filing for divorce.

The Sentence Is Lengthy

The spouses of those who have been sentenced to prison time often have an idea of how long they want to wait for their loved one to be released. For example, you might be fine with remaining married to a spouse serving 18 months, but not 25 years. Consider how long your significant other's sentence will be. The most extreme example, of course, is a life sentence. Ask yourself if you envision remaining married to the person despite the likelihood of him or her ever being released being extremely low. This may also be the case for lesser sentences but that still may span multiple decades.

You're Upset By The Crime

Consider the crime that caused your spouse to get sentenced to prison. In some cases, you might feel neutral to the nature of the incident, but in others, you may feel as though the nature of the crime for which he or she has been convicted is enough to consider divorce. An obvious choice comes in the form of assault. If your spouse has been sentenced to prison for an assault on you or another family member, you may not wish to remain married. This may also be the case with other serious crimes, such as criminal acts against children.

Infidelities Came To Light At Trial

A criminal trial brings up lots of information that not everyone is aware about, and this may be the case in your situation. When you were sitting in court to watch your spouse go through his or her trial, it may have been evident that infidelities were present in your marriage. For example, perhaps your spouse's co-accused is someone with whom he or she was having a relationship without your knowledge. This can be another time that you may wish to divorce your spouse while he or she is in prison.