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Was Your Child Injured In A Birthday Party Bounce House? 3 Strategies To Handle A Personal Injury Case

Inflatable bounce houses are popular features at birthday parties, and kids love having the opportunity to jump around with their friends. While bounce houses look safe enough with their enclosed walls and a person standing nearby, the truth is that they can be just as dangerous as trampolines. Unfortunately, problems quickly begin to add up once an injury occurs, and you may discover that it is harder than one would think to recover compensation for medical bills and other costs associated with your child's injury. Once you've sought the appropriate attention for your child's injuries, be sure to take these steps to begin putting together your bounce injury case.

1. Document Any Medical Reports Regarding the Injury

Injuries that occur in a bounce house may be visible such as a broken bone or knocked out tooth, or they may be less obvious. For instance, a head injury such as a concussion may not show outward signs, but your child may experience changes in their cognitive abilities that affect their long-term learning. Make sure to have your child examined by a physician to ensure that all of their injuries are documented. Then, start a file right now where you can keep medical reports, bills, and other critical documents organized.

2. Share Details About the Incident With Your Attorney

When you meet with your personal injury attorney, remember that no detail about that day was too small. For instance, the weather may be a factor in what caused the injury. Alternatively, the type of drinks that were served to the adults at the party could have led to the person in charge being negligent. Grab a notepad and jot down what you can remember about the birthday party and add any details that your child can provide. For example, your child may remember an adult letting a teenager jump with kindergarteners. These kinds of details can all potentially help to build your case.

3. Determine Responsibility

Bounce house injury cases get complicated since there are multiple people, companies, and factors involved, but personal injury law services can help you get to the bottom of who is responsible for the accident. For example, the bounce house rental company may be responsible if they failed to keep the equipment maintained. Alternatively, the person supervising the bounce house may be held liable if they allowed dangerous activities to occur such as too many children jumping at once.

When your child is injured, your first instinct is to make sure that they are physically okay. Now that you know that they are, it's time to take the next steps to be sure that their medical care is covered financially.