The Importance of Working With A Divorce Attorney

The Importance Of Hiring An Experienced Child Custody Lawyer For Help

When you and your children's other parent separate, you both are faced with the question of where the children will go to live. You and this other person may both have strong opinions about with whom they should live. You may also disagree with and harbor ill will toward each other.

Rather than arguing in front your children, you can go through the proper legal channels to settle this contentious matter. You can retain a knowledgeable child custody lawyer to represent you during the court proceedings.

Presenting Your Argument

The child custody lawyer that you retain to represent you can present your arguments in court before the judge. He or she can articulate your reasoning for why the children should go to live with you. Your attorney can also present facts that show that the other parent may not be the best person to take custody of them.

With the help your child custody lawyer, you can explain why the children will benefit from living with you. You can clearly show that you have the most stable household and income and can provide for their daily needs.

Petitioning for Visitation

The child custody lawyer that you retain can also file for visitation if you prefer not to have full custody of the children. You may work a job that keeps you away from home often. You also may lack the income needed to support them on a daily basis. 

Instead of taking full-time custody of them, you can instead file for visitation with the children. Your child custody lawyer can ask the judge to award you visitations on every other weekend. You can also have visits during the summers and on rotating holidays. 

Shared Custody

Finally, your child custody lawyer can ask the court to give you shared custody of the children. You and the other parent can split the children's time during the week. You can also rotate weekends and split the holidays that the children share with both you and the other parent. This arrangement can allow for a peaceful resolution to the question of whom should get custody of your children

A child custody lawyer can provide important legal services for parents like you. He or she can file for sole custody and represent you in court. Your lawyer can also file for visitation or ask the court to award you and the other parent shared custody.

To learn more, contact a child custody lawyer.