How Gaps In Your Medical Care Affect Your Social Security Disability Claim

When you're sick, you're supposed to go to the doctor, right? That's pretty much the logic the Social Security Administration uses when it is evaluating disability applications. There's an inherent presumption that anyone suffering from a severe, chronic condition would just naturally keep getting help for that condition. Except that isn't always how things work. For one reason or another, many people who have disabling conditions go without medical treatment. Here's why that's a problem if you file for disability benefits and what you can do about it. [Read More]

What Does A No-Fault Divorce Actually Entail?

The divorce process is often highly contentious, but one way the governments in most states have tried to defuse those problems is by using a no-fault system. You may be wondering, though, what implications the no-fault approach holds for you. Here are four of the basic things a divorce lawyer would tell you about the process. Zero Room for Fighting At its core, the goal of the no-fault divorce system is to encourage both parties at the end of a marriage to limit the amount of legal fighting they will do. [Read More]

Getting An Attorney For An In-Family Adoption

It's more common than some people think. Stepparents may want to adopt their stepchildren, or a sibling may need to formally adopt another sibling's child. In the case of a family death, children may need to be adopted by more distant family members. But though these relationships often start informally, they need to be formally legalized. Why Do You Need a Formal Adoption? A formal adoption makes the adopter the legal parent of the child, while suspending the rights of the child's former parent. [Read More]

3 Things You'll Likely Disagree About During a Divorce

If the decision to get divorced was hard enough as it is, you'll find that negotiating the terms of your divorce is going to be just as difficult. That is because there are many big decisions that need to be made during a divorce, which can hopefully be sorted out in mediation. Be prepared to work hard on coming to an agreement on the following three things. Your House If you two own property together, you'll need to figure out what will happen with it after the divorce. [Read More]